Time Inc. Native & Branded B2B Content Group...

Powerful content designed to deliver results for your business

Our team of award-winning writers, editors, designers, project managers and content experts has the creativity and experience to deliver the right strategies and content, with potential reach across all of Time Inc.’s channels.

Our B2B expertise includes finance, cloud computing, risk management, supply chain, economic development, digital technology, global business and more.

We start with your objectives and deliver strategies that can deliver...

  • Powerful, smart content
  • Dynamic, innovative design
  • Striking data visualizations
  • Engaging videography
  • Compelling thought leadership
  • Impactful storytelling
  • Targeted brand positioning

Smart content that can be produced and restructured for multiple formats

When investing in original content, it needs to be versatile and have longevity to deliver maximum results.

We provide smart, engaging content in print and digital formats that are distributed across relevant and credible Time Inc. print and web platforms. No matter the source and subject, we deliver content so that it can live in multiple formats across different channels, giving it a wider reach.

A wealth of digital, print and audio-visual content formats and products

Maximizing impact and reach with content formats and tools that will excite, engage and inform audiences.

We offer a range of content-driven products and formats for both print and digital channels.

  • Native Content
  • Digital Units
  • Video
  • Infographics
  • White Papers
  • Advertorials
  • Surveys & Research
  • Conference Notes
  • Live Events

Time Inc. has an unrivaled reach and distribution that includes an audience of more than 120 million in print, 140 million + digitally and nearly 160 million through social media.

We also provide measured insight in to the impact and engagement your content achieved with detailed reader engagement data and analysis.

Intelligent and informed, original content starts with good research.

Our thought leadership division—the FORTUNE Knowledge Group—conducts surveys, analyses and subject research, scaled to your objectives and budget, and publishes the results in a variety of products including white papers, executive summaries, and infographics.

Our team of researchers, editors, and subject matter experts ensure that however broad or deep the research is, we can survey, prepare, collate and develop information that will make your content compelling, effective and talked about.

Custom Content—print

Compelling, relevant content, appearing within a trusted brand environment, written expressly for our advertising partners by award-winning writers and editors.

Multi-sponsor advertorials

Multi sections allow an advertiser to be adjacent to edit relevant to their brand while also having a voice within the story to ensure a brand presence.

Single-sponsor advertorials

Single-sponsored custom content is an effective way for an advertiser to engage with an audience on a subject in an authentic way and to present a custom message to the reader.

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Native Content

Native content mimics the environment in which it is placed in terms of look, feel, sound, and voice. We suggest creating content that is focused on topics that are important to a brand’s messaging to underscore the sponsor’s connection.

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Digital Units

A rich media unit designed by our in-house development team that can run in conjunction with any type of digital content. Can house a story, quiz, poll, slide show, etc.

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Expertly edited videos that range from interviews to event recaps to sizzle reels and short films shot in our studios or on location.

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Custom data visualization are designed to bring your content to life with high-impact graphics, and enhancing the comprehension of complex topics.

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White Papers

A report-style document designed to build awareness around a complex issue that is important to your business or brand.

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Surveys & Research

Our team can develop surveys and analyze results in order to identify unique insights that will resonate with sophisticated business insiders and senior-level executives. We can then illustrate the results in a variety of media—custom reports, white papers, infographics—to communicate the findings and position you as a thought leader.

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Conference Notes

Don't miss the opportunity to capture all that great speaker content at your next conference. One of our many seasoned journalists can attend either in person, or via Skype, to encapsulate the day's events in an engaging and succinct e-newsletter that can be emailed out to interested parties as a wrap up, as a lead-gen tool, or as added-value content for your website.

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Live Events

From annual blockbuster Time Inc.-sponsored events to intimate client-sponsored roundtables, we're able to facilitate introductions to the right teams within Time Inc. and/or arrange, plan and host cooperative programs that feature CM&S journalists or speakers.

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